Picking in the front yard…

We have been bringing the practices out into the front yard on sunny days such as this one. The neighbors haven’t killed us yet. Tuesday nights we will be partnering up with Jim Barnes and Elberto’s to serve up some loco Mexicana cuisine and some loco Americana music. Bring yer dancing shoes and burrito fingers.



Picking in the front yard…

Stormy Sunday

The guys at Stormcloud Brewery in Frankfort were good to host us this past Sunday for our first show since getting back together. A few days of frantic practice later…here are two choice cuts from the evening. Thanks again to the fine Stormservers for taking care of us and everybody that came out to listen.

You thought Alfredo was dead. But we’re back, ready to push the sonic limits yet again- thanks to me being a first rate Peace Corps quitter. Betsy and I are currently gathering our wits in Matagalpa, Nicaragua but we will be returning to beautiful Benzie County at the end of May. I can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Be on the lookout for upcoming shows this summer. Just to show how serious we are, check out this stellar new website! (But don’t worry, we are still stoner deadbeats.)
Love, Freddy


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