Our vision & inspiration

Alfredo is the collaborative effort of a guitarist, percussionist and a bassist born in three different decades but united by a love of music and friendship. While we often venture into unexplored spaces of electric improvisational transcendence, we also enjoy dialing our music down.  This mood has an acoustic, bluesy, folky vibe showcasing our cohesive and metamorphic songwriting. We are inspired by the landscapes, communities and people of the Leelanau Peninsula, as well as our collective travels throughout the world.

While the majority of our music is original, we are influenced by, and occasionally cover, songs by various artists such as; Neil Young, Phish, The Wood Brothers, John Prine, ZZ Top, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Tony Rice, Johnny Guitar Watson, and Clapton during his best years as a member of Derek and the Dominos.

Music is a force, an energy from the beyond. As musicians, in rare moments of bliss, we can channel that energy through our instruments to the audience. In equally rare moments, the audience can channel it back to us. This is what Alfredo’s live performances strive to do.


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